Our Dogs are well bred out of several National Champion bloodlines. 

                 We raise a few Jack Russell Terriers 
    Our Pedigrees may include Fox Run Hammer,  Keltex Blanche, Garon's Sailor, Lunstarr Flara, Gator,  Heliwr Chance,   My Mickey, Riverview Flare,  Arun Jack, Billbridge Weed, Woodfield Duke, Tanner of Ridgeview, Foxwarren Twig,     Briarpatch Jason, and Sows Ear Julien to name a few.

We have
 a female pup  for sale by Bowman Hill Rickey who is a son of Bowman Hill Finnegan and Keltex Jenny's daughter Tara Oak who goes to Sows Ear Julien. Her mother is a gentle dog Ms. Bea who is out of Bowman Hill Cordell a son of Blackland Hammer.
  Vicki is going to have long legs but not tall at 11" approximately when full grown. Sweet and fun little girl is ready to go now. She does not dig or climb out of her pen. Crate trained. She will stay behind the baby gate just fine.

 We don't have many pups to offer so take advantage of buying well bred dogs.  This puppy was born August 2012. 

 Call me to come see our pups.   903 267-0662 Farm 

         "Dogs give unconditional love" You are never alone
                     if you have mans best friend by your side. 


Call us at 903 267-0662 Farm  903 564-7600 office
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